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In 1932 a Dietrich Buxtehude Society has been founded in Lübeck, Germany, joining the leading persons of Buxtehude research at that time. This society did not survive until our days.
But the preparations for the Buxtehude year 2007 have begun, and so this composer returned to the focus of the musical world, as did the idea of founding a society to promote his work.

The “International Dieterich Buxtehude Society” was founded on 8 May 2004 in Lübeck, Germany. Its purpose can be read in the excerpt of the constitution below, § 2, the statement of mission.

The Society consists of the Assembly, the Governing Board, the Advisory Board and a Board of Supporters/Curators (in German: “Kuratorium”). Members of the Advisory Board and the Board of Supporters/Curators will be appointed by the Governing Board.

The Assembly meets at least once a year. The term of office for the Governing Board is three years. Membership dues shall be EUR 20,- for Students and EUR 40,- for ordinary members, EUR 100,- for corporations.
You can join our society by using the membership page.

Our bank account:


Account number:


German bank number:


Name of bank:

Sparkasse zu Luebeck










The Board of the IDBG:

Prof. Dr. h.c. Ton Koopman (Conductor, Harpsichordist, Organist, Amsterdam)

Vice Presidentr:
KMD Prof. Hartmut Rohmeyer (Director of Music, Lübeck Cathedral)

Jürgen Heering-Kadelbach (Pastor emeritus, Lübeck)

Dr. Martin Schiffner (Lawyer, Lübeck)


Prof. Friedemann Hellwig (Conservator, Hamburg)

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sandberger (Musicologist, Academy of Music, Lübeck)

Prof. Dr. Matthias Schneider (Musicologist andoOrganist, University of Greifswald)

Johannes Unger (Organist at St. Marien Lübeck)

Dr. Ulf Wellner (Musicologist, Director of Music at St. Martini Church,  Minden)

Head of Curators Board:

Prof. Dr. Christoph Wolff
(Cambridge, MA, USA)
Musicologist (Harvard University)

last updated
04 November, 2015

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Excerpt from the Society’s Constituion (read the complete german text here):

§2   Statement of Mission

1) The IDBS has the purpose of promoting the music of Dieterich Buxtehude, spreading the knowledge of and supporting the research in his work, life and cultural environment and its research.

2) It will pursue its objectives by sponsoring or arranging

    * musical events (e. g. concerts)
    * events of music education (workshops, seminars, masterclasses, study sessions)
    * events of musicological or common art historical character (conferences, exhibitions)
    * appropriate publications of any kind (in print, electronic, audiovisual)
    * any other activity which is appropriate to support the purpose of the society.

The society has the aim to support conservation of Buxtehude’s places of work, to establish a memorial site in Lübeck and to take care for appropriate (i. e. authentic historical) musical instruments.

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