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Broude presents two volumes of the new edition of Buxtehude’s collected works

Following volumes have been completed and are available at Broude Brothers Limited>> now:

Volume 10: Sacred Works for Five Voices and Instruments, Part 1: Membra Jesu  Nostri, edited by Klaus Beckmann (BuxWV 75, with versions by Gustav  Dueben of Cantatas 1, 3, and 4 edited by Paul Walker)

Volume 11: Sacred Works for Five Voices and Instruments, Part 2, edited by Eva Linfield (contains BuxWV 3, 18, 20, 31, 54, 86, 96)

First Volume of “Buxtehude Studies” published

studien1The first volume of the “Buxtehude Studies” has arrived! With this new periodical, the International Dieterich Buxtehude Society offers a new forum:

In a two-year-interval it shall present contributions regarding life, work and environment of the great Lübeck organist of St. Mary’s.

Our president, Ton Koopman, writes:
“Too little do we know about his life, his successes, the performance practice of his music, editorial questions, liturgical life, stylus phantasticus and more. All those informations are necessary for a better understanding of the Lübeck master and his music.”

The contributions to Vol. I of the Buxtehude Studies present approachesto Buxtehude and his environment from different points of view. Every member will receive a copy. Moreover, the book can be purchased from the Butz Verlag ( in Bonn at a price of EUR 23,- or it may be ordered by any bookstore.
Open information leaflet (PDF, in German)>>

Remembering Dr. Joachim Walter (1965-2015)

Dr. Joachim Walter, member of the founding board of the IDBG, has died in June this year. 
Read the Obituary>> (in German)

St. Mary’s Music Library Catalogue online

Prof. Dr. Kerala J. Snyder, 17th centruy music expert and author of the leading Buxtehude biography, has recently announced that the publication of 
The Choir Library of St. Mary's in Lübeck, 1546-1674: A Database Catalogue 
has been made available on the University of Gothenburg website at

While Petrus Hasse, Franz Tunder, and Dieterich Buxtehude were serving as  organists of St. Mary's Church, its cantors assembled a choir library of some 2000 works, which are catalogued here for the first time. Its 69  sets of printed partbooks and one set of manuscript parts remained in  the church until 1814, when the city of Lübeck gave them to the newly  founded Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna, where they remain today.


“Studies in Baroque” published

festschriftCelebrating the 70th birthday of the IDBG’s president Ton Koopman, a book has been published by Butz-Verlag editors. It comprises 19 studies including discogaphy and bibliography, written by leading international scholars and musicians, focussing on J. S. Bach and organ music, but touching also the arts and theology. The articles are written in German and English, one half each.
Read a sample>>

Price: EUR 32,00 (Hardcover, 392 pages)
Cat.-Nr.: BuB 16



Festive Concert on Oct 26, 2014

On 26th October 2014, Prof. Ton Koopmans’ 70th birthday was celebrated in Lübeck with a concert and a reception. The laudatio was held by Prof. Dr. Christoph Wolff, it is available (in German) here.
Program details as PDF>>
Laudatio by Prof. Wolff(in German) as PDF>>

This event was connected with the now completed

Buxtehude “Opera omnia” -

(Complete recording of Buxtehude’s works by
Ton Koopman and the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra)
more infor
mation here>

Buxtehude Days 2014 - see detailed programme>>


Prof. Dr. h. c. Ton Koopman, President of the International Buxtehude Society, was awarded the Buxtehude Preis of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck on September 29, 2012. This prestigious award is dedicated to extraordinary merits in the field of church music. The presentation took place in Lübeck in the Scharbau Hall of the Municipal Library. In his laudation, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sandberger honoured Koopman’s merits regarding the public reception of Buxtehude’s works, i. e. the cantatas.

After the celebration, the Hamburg Baroque Orchestra “Elbipolis” performed works by Schieferdecker, Telemann, Händel and Graupner in a festive concert in St. Mary’s church.

The 2012 meeting of the membership was held in Lübeck on 29 September. Topics of discussion have been the newly arranged presentation of Lübeck’s music historyin the St. Annen Museum and the question of a Buxtehude memorial site in St. Mary’s parish house (Werkhaus), which is to be redesigned in near future.

The Buxtehude Days 2012 have been celebrated May 9-13.
Further details can be found here>>

The 3rd Buxtehude Organ Competition
took place in Lübeck September 5-15. Winner of the Prize is the Japanese organist Mahri Oki (27), student of Prof. Martin Sander in Detmold.
29 contestants aged 20-32 from 14 nations presented themselves in three rounds. The jury members were Michael Radulescu  (Chair, Austria), Arvid Gast (Germany), James David Christie  (USA), Magdalena Czajka (Poland), Pieter van Dijk (Netherlands), Hans  Fagius (Sweden) and Jaroslav Tuma (Czech Republic).

New Publication:

Buxtehude: Text · Kontext · Rezeption


Dieterich Buxtehude. Text · Kontext · Rezeption. Reports from Symposion at the Musikhochschule Lübeck 10–12 May 2007.
Ed. by Wolfgang Sandberger and Volker Scherliess. ISBN 978-3-7618-2168-8. (German Version only). Bärenreiter-Verlag 2011. 312 pages.

In three sections this book focuses on Buxtehude’s work, world and the history of his influence. Temporary, it comprises the time of the Marien Organists (Hasse, Tunder, Buxtehude) and the beginnungs of the Lübecker Abendmusiken up to the Buxtehude renaissance in the 19th century and the idelogical occupation of the “nordic” composer in the 20th century. This interdisciplinary publication is based on the Buxtehude Symposium of Lübeck in 2007.


Heinrich W. Schwab: Wenn “Brüder einträchtig beieinander wohnen”. Zur bildlichen Darstellung Buxtehudes auf dem Gemälde von Johannes Voorhout (1674)

Arndt Schnoor: Ein unbekanntes Porträt von Johann Theile (1645/46–1724)


Volker Scherlies: Zur Tradition des Castrum doloris

Friedhelm Krummacher: Vokale Variationen. Buxtehudes Vokalwerk mit Basso ostinato

Wolfgang Miersemann: Vom Sinn philologischen Umgangs mit Texten barocker Vokalmusik: Buxtehude als Beispiel

Peter Wollny: Imitatio und Aemulatio in der geistlichen Vokalmusik von Dieterich Buxtehude

Michael Belotti: Die zyklischen Choralbearbeitungen Dieterich Buxtehudes


Almut Jedicke: Franz Tunder und die Anfänge der Abendmusiken

Andreas Waczkat: “Extraordinaire Musiken” in Wismar und Rostock. Zur Migration der Lübecker Abendmusiken im südlichen Ostseeraum

Michael Maul und Peter Wollny: Buxtehude, Reinken und der junge Bach. Überlegungen zur “Weimarer Orgeltabulatur”

Irmgard Scheitler: Wacht! Euch zum Streit gefasset macht – im Licht musikdramatischer Werke seiner Zeit

Christian Bunners: Caspar Rüetz (1708–1755). Seine Musikauffassung sowie seine Sicht auf Lübecker Musiktraditionen und die Abendmusiken


Wolfgang Sandberger: Die Entdeckung eines “ganz vergessenen genialen Tonkünstlers” – einführende Überlegungen zur Buxtehude-Rezeption

Christoph Wolff: Buxtehude-Rezeption im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert

Otto Biba: Wiens “Alte Musik”-Szene im 19. Jahrhundert und Dieterich Buxtehude

Joachim Kremer: Buxtehudes Musik als Inbegriff von “clarté” und “ordre”? Zu André Pirros Buxtehude-Rezeption

Jürgen Heidrich: Die Glaubensgemeinde Ugrino und Dieterich Buxtehude

Jan Bürger: Planetenklänge. Buxtehude im Weltbild Hans Henny Jahnns

Siegfried Oechsle und Bernd Sponheuer: Buxtehude, Nördlichkeit, Erhabenheit


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01 Oktober, 2015