Buxtehude Days Lübeck 2014, May 8 - 10


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This year’s Buxtehude days will focus on the 400th birthday of Franz Tunder and today’s organs of St. Mary’s church, the latter beeing discussed in a symposium.

Franz Tunder, founder of the Lübecker Abendmusiken (Evening music), left a fantastic oeuvre of spirtiual concerts, cantatas and organ music. Some of these works will be heard in the opening concert: The Capella St. Marien, consisting of known singers and instrumentalists, will perform on period instruments in St. Mary’s church. Music by Tunder’s predecessor Petrus Hasse and by Tunder’s successor Dieterich Buxtehude will add to the programme. The concert will be aired via Internet.

Tunder’s music will be heard during the noon concert in St. Aegidien church, too. There, arranged for brass ensemble, and performed by members of the NDR symphony orchestra from Hamburg and the Gewandhaus orchestra from Leipzig. For this concert, new arrangements of the organ works have been commissioned.

What did the historic Totentanz-Orgel above St. Mary’s Totentanz chapel sound like? To get closer to an answer, an audio project has been set up, making it possible to transmit the sound of the still existing sister instrument, the technically similar Stellwagen organ of St. Jakobi church, into St. Mary’s. By means of a complex multichannel recording and playback device, an exact tonal depiction of the Stellwagen organ will emerge in St. Mary’s. This installation, which is one of the highlights of these Buxtehude Days, can be experienced in three concerts. By the way, it will be an important reference for the symposium “Lübeck Music City - International Symposium regarding the Future of the Organs of St. Mary’s Church”, taking place within the frame of the Buxtehude Days. Known musicologists, organ builders, organists and heritage conservation experts from Europe and the US have been invited. Mayor Bernd Saxe is patron of the Symposium.

Some of the organists invited will be performing in the opening concert on 8 May and the final concert on 10 May.

Music by Dieterich Buxtehude will particularly be performed an 9 May, the 307th commemoration of his death, at 8 p.m. in an evening concert. It will take place at Buxtehude’s sepulture. The program will focus on chamber music for viol, violin and harpsichord.

The spectrum of musicduring the Buxtehude Days will be widened by romantic and contemporary choral music, performed by the Kieler Madrigalkreis and the Chamber Choir of Lübeck’s Academy of Music.

By the 400th birthday of Tunder, the audio project and the interrelations with the Organ Symposium, the Buxtehude Days 2014 are promising to be a certain highlight of the cultural life of the City of Lübeck.

Program Details:


Opening Concert on 8 May, 7.30 p.m., St. Mary’s Church


Cantatas and Mass settings from the musical tradition of St. Mary’s:

Petrus Hasse  Missa a 7, Mottete “Ach, das ich hören solt”
Franz Tunder  “Wend‘ ab deinen Zorn”, “Helft mir Gott‘s Güte preisen”,  “Hosianna dem Sohne Davids” ,
“Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott”,  Sinfonia a 7

Dieterich Buxtehude “Ihr lieben Christen freut euch nun”

an organ works by Hasse, Tunder and Buxtehude (Audio Project and Führer Organ)

Hanna Zumsande, Cornelia Samuelis, Stefan Kahle, Tobias Hunger, Joachim Höchbauer, Pieter van Dijk,
Capella St. Marien, Director: Johannes Unger

internet livestream on  www.st-marien-luebeck.de


Noon Concert on 9 May, 12 a.m., St. Mary’s Church

On the historic Stellwagen Orgel of St. Jakobi Church,
transmitted into the Totentanz Chapel of St. Mary’s Church (Audio Project)

Organ works by Tunder, Buxtehude and Bach

Franz Danksagmüller, Arvid Gast and Johannes Unger

Free Admission!


Evening Concert on 9. Mai (307th commemoration of  Buxtehude’s death),  8 p.m., St. Mary’s Church

with chamber and organ music at Buxtehude’s sepulture

From Opus 1: Sonata 2 in G  (BuxWV 253), Sonata 3 in a (BuxWV 254)
“Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin” (BuxWV 75)
For Harpsichord solo: Praeludium in g (BuxWV 163) and Aria, Partie divers (BuxWV 249)

and Organ works

Michael Fuerst – Harpsichord, Laura Fierro – violin, Ekaterina Kuzminykh – viol,
Johannes Unger – organ (Audio Project and Führer Organ)


Noon Concert on 10 May at 12 a.m. in St. Aegidien Church

with members of the NDR Symphony Orchestra and the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra,
performed on the screen

Organ works by Tunder, Buxtehude and Bach, arranged for brass ensemble

Free Admission!


Organ Vespers with Choral Music on 10 May, 5 p.m. in St. Jakobi Church

with the Chamber Choir of Lübeck Academy of Music, Dir. Kerstin  Behnke,
Jacob Street (USA), Prize Winner of the Buxtehude Competition 2012 on the historic organs

Works by Tunder, Buxtehude and Brahms (from the motets op. 110)

In collaboration with the Brahms Festival


Final Concert “NachtKlänge I” on 10 May, 9 p.m. in St. Mary’s Church

with Kieler Madrigalchor (Dir: Friederike Woebcken)

and Ullrich Böhme (Organist of Leipzig St. Thomas), Ludger Lohmann, Bernhard Haas, Martin Schmeding and Martin Sander (organ)

Skandinavian choral music by Sandström, Nystedt, Olsson a.o. 
Organ music by P. Eben, Manfred Kluge, Buxtehude and Bach


Tickets for all concerts (except the free Noon concerts) at:




Music City Lübeck

International Symposium regarding the Future of the Organs of St. Mary’s Church

(9 - 10 May 2014)

Patron: Mayor Bernd Saxe


Friday, 9 May 2014

from 8.15 a.m.   Presentation of and visiting the organs of St. Mary’s, for invited organists

10.00 to 11.45 a.m.  Symposium I (St. Mary’s, Chancel)

The History of the Organs of St. Mary’s

Opening by the patron, Mayor Bernd Saxe

A  The organs of St. Mary’S from 1516 until 19th. century (Ibo Ortgies)
B  The New Schulze Organ 1851-1854 (Johannes Unger)
C  The Organs after World War II (Dr. Thomas Lipski)

2.30 to 4.30 p.m.  Symposium II (Musikhochschule, Holstentorhalle)

Historic an current Use of St. Mary’s Church, Aspects of Heritage Preservation

A  Performance Practice at St. Mary’s regarding the Lübecker Abendmusiken
(Prof. Dr. Volker Scherliess)
B  Interior Design after the Reconstruction (Dr. Heiko Seidel)
C  The current liturgical and musical Use of the Romm (Rev. Robert  Pfeifer, Rev. Annegret Wegner-Braun and Johannes Unger)
D  Aspects of Heritage Preservation(Dr. Irmgard Hunecke)

5.00 to 6.30 Uhr  Symposium III (Musikhochschule, Holstentorhalle)

Considering the Future Design

A  Previous Considerations regarding the future Organ Concept
(OSV KMD Hans-Martin Petersen)

B  Musical Aspects of a possible Organ Concept (invited Organists)


Saturday, 10 May

9.30 to 12.00 a.m.  Symposium IV (Ort: Musikhochschule, Holstentorhalle)

St. Mary’s Church in the View of today’s Organ Builders

A  Reconstruction of the Totentanz Organ? (Mads Kjersgaard)
B  General Organ Concept - Possibilities and Visions (invited Organ Builders)

3 p.m. to 6 p.m. 

Panel Discussion (Musikhochschule, Holstentorhalle)

Presentation: Claus Fischer, Music Journalist


Events organized by Lutheran Parish of St. Mary’s Lübeck
(Ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde St. Marien Lübeck)

Lübeck, March 2014     Johannes Unger, Marienorganist


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